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About Us

We are a dance group who loves to perform for you, especially for fundraisers and giving back to the community. If you are having a luau call Mau Loa Ohana and we will make you feel like you are on the island of Hawaii.


Mau Loa Ohana offers a Modern (‘auana’) take on Hula & Tahitian dance program for children and adults. You will learn Hula & Tahitian steps, that tells the stories of the beautiful island of Hawaii in no time.




Modern hula (Hula Auana) arose from the adaptation of traditional hula concepts of dance and chant (mele) to Western Influences. Hula ‘Auana primarily tells a story or describes a place through sinuous movements of the limbs and hips.


Hula ‘Auana, utilizes melodic harmony and utilize instruments including the ukulele, steel guitar, bass guitar, guitar, bass, piano and other modern apparati. By contrast, the old-style hula, called hula kahiko, exhibits a less elaborate musical style and is accompanied by traditional instruments such as the calabash, seed-filled gourds, split bamboo sticks, stones used as castanets, and pahu drums.


The dances also, much like the ancient Kahiko form, encompassed a diverse variety of styles and moods to praise and honor the Gods, Goddesses, chiefs and places as well as songs of love for people and places of Hawaii.

© 2013 by Mau Loa Ohana

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