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Code Of Conduct

Mau Loa Ohana



  • We are all here because we LOVE to dance Hula, so bring a good attitude to class.

  • MLO expects students and their parents to observe common courtesy and to be respectful of their teachers and fellow class members.

  • Proper respect is expected at all times. This includes dance classes, break time, as well as all festivals, dance recitals and other studio events.

  • No Cellphone use at all times including Texting or Social Media updates, other than if it’s emergency or ride issues.

  • No one is to feel at any time, intimidated or ashamed. It does not matter what brand name clothing you wear to class, just BE PREPARED in proper dance (pareo) attire!

  • We feel it is important that students learn to work efficiently as a group and behave in a respectable manner.

  •  There will be a wholesome, healthy, age-appropriate atmosphere at all times.

  • A positive attitude and disciplined behavior is necessary to ensure a rewarding and productive dance class.

  • Disrespect for teachers and or fellow dancers, gossiping and other behaviors that adversely affect the class will not be tolerated from students or their parents.

  • Parents/Student are responsible for their guests and should follow the same code of conduct.

  • If at ANY time a student or parent feels there is an issue that needs to be addressed, please bring it to a staff member’s attention.


Mau Loa Ohana reserves the right to dismiss anyone at anytime due to misconduct.

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